Reviews from previous clients:

“A little over 3 yrs ago I was a very fit and active 30 yr old, who loved walking, shopping and playing with my niece. Then out of the blue I started suffering with terrible lower back pain and diabetic neuropathy, which caused numbness, excruciating pain and no sensation of hot and cold to name but a few. Even wearing clothes would hurt. I generally felt unwell most of the time. I did what most of us would do and what seems to be the most accepted way to deal with illness; I went to the doctors! I was referred to one of the best spinal surgeons at the hospital who did an MRI scan, unfortunately they found no reason for the pain I was in. To cut a long story short, over the next few years I had graduated from taking paracetamol to morphine! In the early days I was overdosing on painkillers. I wasn't sleeping, I was trying to hold down a full time job. I was at the doctors everyday begging for them to give me stronger painkillers. I was eventually sent to pain management because no one could tell me why this was happening. No one showed me any compassion! I was in my early 30s and on the scrap heap. Everyday I was contemplating ending my miserable life, I couldn't face the future I was seeing for myself. I had disappointment after disappointment. I had acupuncture, physio massage, Bowen therapy, Chinese massage, I saw a chiropractor. These were not cheap! I was beginning to alienate my friends and family because I was turning into this angry and frustrated stranger whom even I didn't recognise. My sister was constantly looking for alternative ways to help me. A few months ago she was doing just that when she came across Elaine's website, as if by fate. She just said 'i think she can help you'. I looked through her website and emailed her. She got back to me and we arranged an appointment. She had so much conviction that she could help me and I believed so much that she could too. I didn't know what to expect but Elaine was so good at putting me at ease and guiding me with what she thought was the best treatment. The first session was very emotional and revealing, we had some real 'eureka' moments. Elaine got to the bottom of why I was feeling the way I was physically and emotionally, it all just fell into place. I had reflexology and reikhi done. Elaine has great insight and intuition so you don't need to tell her alot. There is no clock watching and the atmosphere is so conducive to healing. I felt a big improvement after my first session, it was so encouraging. I have been seeing Elaine for a few months now and my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better. I am in no pain, I have no numbness. Everyone has noticed the change in my mood and the way I walk, sit and stand. I owe my new life to Elaine. My sister always comes with me and we feel like we've always known Elaine forever. I always come away feeling affirmed and positive. After seeing Elaine I really believe that there is no reason for anyone to suffer.
Sandeep xx June 2014

Since having my first session with Elaine I have changed in my confidence, appearance, and general outlook.

Session 1: Really warm welcome, spent some time talking through my concerns. Relaxed into extremely comfy chair with footstool, in a warm, tranquil cosy room. All I had to do was relax. Throughout the session I felt, warm, safe and relaxed. I had some sensations of heat, cold and tingling wash over me, but nothing to concern me. Afterwards, we chatted for a while and Elaine gave me feedback and advice. Came away feeling light and positive. Ready to take on the world!

Session 2: Similar format as first session. Talked about my positive progress and what else I wanted to achieve. We got deeper into my lifestyle, positives, negatives and concerns. I felt lifted with a great connection to the spirit world. Again came away light and positive.

Session 3: Again a similar format as first session. Arrived feeling great with all my lifestyle going in a positive direction. During this session I felt different, deeper sensations. A true connection and healing process. I am now in a very positive and happy place.

Review: Several weeks later, I am still happy and positive. My outlook on life has changed. I am taking control of my life. Clearing out, cleaning up unnecessary clutter and waste. Looking after myself and have taken up the 'live well' challenge provided through doctors and council gyms in derby. I look at my life in a different way, when I relapse I simply apply the techniques that Elaine taught me.

Thank you Elaine, my life at the moment is great, and knowing I can have a bit of top up if required is as I said 'fantastic'.
Norma xx May 2014

“I went to see Elaine after a recommendation from a trusted work colleague as reiki was something that intrigued me. Having never experienced reiki before I went with an open mind. For the past six years I had gone through one rapid change after another in terms of my lifestyle, where I lived, my relationships with family and friends. Some of these changes had been positive ones but I had also experienced a lot of negative ones. I did also feel that because I am a person driven by personal success in the sense that I always like to strive for better for myself and will work hard to get there, I found myself in a place where people around me where starting to let their own negative thoughts impact me. Even though in my head I knew. I was not doing anything wrong, it did make me start to feel resentful towards those people because I was fast beginning to learn that family are not always the ones who understand you the most.

So I decided to go and see Elaine to channel some of my positive and negative energy as a refusal to let others bring me down, and to help me master my destiny.

I found Elaine to be very down to earth and open. After she performed reiki on me, we had a chat about myself and about the power of healing and I walked away feeling enlightened. It has been a few weeks since I have seen Elaine as I wanted to take stock of my life and I can honestly say that I have a more open heart with regards to looking after myself emotionally. I carry my crystals with me literally everywhere and I will be seeing Elaine again for sure in the future.
Mrs. S Mahey May 2014

“I had been having trouble with my knee. It made it very painful to go upstairs and changing gear whilst driving was a nightmare. I wasn't aware of any injury and some days were better than others. The pain also seemed to move around my knee. I was resigning myself to another round of medical investigations when I met Elaine and she offered to do a healing session. I thought it couldn't do any harm. So I went along. After a couple of sessions my knee was much better and now I can drive and go upstairs without any pain at all. Thank u Elaine! You were wonderful.”
Sue; Allestree, Derby

“To say I was a chocoholic is an understatement. I would usually have some form of chocolate every day and I don’t mean a mini Milky Way; we’re talking FAMILY bags of Revels and Chocolate Buttons, all for me. And I would get VERY bad tempered if I didn’t have my fix. Not only was this affecting my weight, it was obviously having a detrimental effect on my general health. I approached Elaine for hypnotherapy for weight loss, never believing she could rid me of my chocolate addiction – IN ONE SESSION. I can swear that, not only have I not eaten chocolate in the weeks since I first saw Elaine, I have not touched anything chocolate flavoured. And, more to the point, I don’t want to. I don’t even like being around chocolate and avoid that area of shops now – not because I’m worried about being tempted, but the thought of chocolate makes me feel slightly nauseous.

Elaine also gave me some healing each time I saw her for a hypnotherapy session. And, despite suffering from a chronic illness, I feel better than I’ve felt in years. Elaine took photos of me at my first session and, just six weeks later, the difference in me is incredible. That pale, tired, negative, world-weary woman has been replaced by someone who is full of life and energy, looking forward to a positive future. All thanks to Elaine and her treatments!”
Sue R; Allestree, Derby

“My partner had a stroke 7 years ago and lost the use of her left-hand side completely. Although she had several sessions of physiotherapy we resigned ourselves to the fact that she could never walk or do anything with my help.

We decided quite by accident to try Reflexology approximately a year and a half ago and after even the first session Jean began to feel pins and needles in her left-hand foot. We then tried a few more sessions, in which Elaine also gave Jean spiritual healing. After each session Jean just improved more and more and began walking on her own, although not long distances. In the sessions Elaine also did reflexology on Jean’s hand and although not in full operation Jean can now lift and hold small items in her left-hand.

I can honestly say the treatments have completely improved Jean and my quality of life and she can now even dress herself and prepare meals. Jean still continues to visit Elaine once a fortnight, as we both feel she benefits from these sessions. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough.” 
Jean & Paul; Alvaston, Derby

"I've always been drawn to crystals but have never understood why. Elaine has awakened my knowledge and love of crystals, enabling me to use them in my day-to-day life. I originally went to her just for help with crystals but in doing so I have discovered the amazing power of Reiki and meditation. I have no doubt that since my reiki and crystal session I have been calmer and happier. My life feels more complete and balanced. My sore shoulders and neck from sitting revising for exams for hours every day has totally gone. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough." 

My elderly dog has suffered from arthritis in her elbows and stiff back and hips for years now and has been getting depressed and slow. Since Elaine has started to give her Reiki she has become a young dog again. She acts like a puppy and is a lot more affectionate and playful. She loved having the healing, it was very relaxing and she fell straight to sleep. ELaine has also suggested some crystals she needs, which she wears on her collar. All of this has contributed to bringing back our happy, bouncy dog and we so grateful to Elaine."
Ruby; Quarndon, Derby

“After suffering with my back for many years I had a particularly bad incident and basically could not move. The chiropractor said I had a slipped disk and really could not offer any solution. The doctor also stated it would be a ‘long job’ and gave me pain killers etc. I was literally on the floor two days and could not even move to go to the toilet, it was that bad. Elaine came round and immediately started healing around my neck area, although I informed her it was all in my back. Although I could feel no heat at all, she assured me that there was a lot of healing energies coming through. Approximately 30 minutes later, albeit rather stiff and still in some pain I actually managed to get up, although not standing upright fully and still in pain but not as excruciating by any means. Elaine then informed me that I needed to have a good sleep and let the healing work. I rang Elaine the very next day to inform her that I was back in the land of the living and actually fixing some blinds! Amazing is the word! If someone had told me this I probably would have taken it with a pinch of salt – however I am living proof it happened. Healing works and I am living proof!”
Steve; Allestree, Derby

“After having 2 Hypnotherapy sessions, I have left on both occasions feeling more positive, calm and relaxed. Elaine brought my issues out and helped me deal with them and see the positive side to every situation. I have left knowing ways to help keep myself calm and relaxed in future situations.
The whole experience has been very calming for me.”
Danielle; Derby

I had a bad headache which had lasted all day – tablets and more tablets and it would not go. I was due to go out but really felt that I could not go feeling the way I did. Elaine offered some healing – I was a total sceptic, however ten minutes later and the headache had gone
I do not know how it worked – I just know it did! Thank you Elaine
Jane; Ripley, Derbyshire

“I cannot thank you enough Elaine, I have been through the ‘worst’ patch of my life and did not see an end and every time I thought about it I started crying, as you know!  Literally after seeing you and listening to your advice, my life has turned round – it’s amazing!! I started feeling positive the instant I left your house, and was contacted by a company to attend an interview. Prior to visiting you I would have declined this interview as it did not sound very appealing and I was starting a job the next week (albeit a job that was not long-term) but nevertheless it was something and I needed the money. Well I went for the interview and immediately hit it off with the Area Manager who interviewed me, he virtually made a job around my requirements, after talking to me. The rest is history and I move to Surrey in approximately a month.
Wow and Wow – I will never forget how you changed my ‘mind-set’ and the healing also contributed to the new me! Thank you so much Elaine”
Carol; Mickleover, Derby (but not for long!)

I was feeling generally unwell, rundown and had bad backache and had not been sleeping properly. I had a session of reflexology and this was followed by a healing session. After the session I felt a lot better, very relaxed and I slept well that night and my general health improved. Thank you
Hayley; Littleover, Derby

‘Suffering from a particularly bad headache I was given some Reiki Healing by Elaine and much to my amazement the headache disappeared and I no longer get them.”
Steve; Burton On Trent, Staffs

“I started driving lessons several years ago but for some reason I felt scared and worried and had nervousness about driving in general, for no apparent reason.
A friend suggested I should try Past Life Regression. Although I was unsure about the whole thing I was assured by Elaine that I would be in full control of the session and it would not be frightening in anyway.

I felt very relaxed and was in a daydream state and just as Elaine stated I was guided through the whole of my past life, which involved a nasty accident, which I had carried through into this life.
When I started driving lessons again, after the session, I didn’t have the nervousness or the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore. I then went on to pass my driving test – no problem and have now been driving for two years and have never looked back.
I would highly recommend Elaine and Past Life regression to anyone who feels they are being held back in their life for no apparent reason.”
Jules; Derby

“I have a 2 year old German shepherd. A year ago she started to be fussy about food and would often only eat a little and leave it. This gradually got worse until she wasn’t eating at all. We tried all sorts of food but nothing tempted her. She would sometimes eat out of your hand but still not much.  We took her to the vet who did blood work on her but could find nothing wrong. The only thing they could suggest was antacid tablets and then an endoscopy which would be horrible for her and expensive for us. While we were thinking of what to do next the vet injected her with steroids to stimulate hunger which worked for one meal only. We were back to square one. 
A few days later I met Elaine on the park and she suggested that she try healing on her. She said she had never tried it with an animal and would like to have a go. I felt we had nothing to lose so agreed. She came round the next evening. What happened was unbelievable. My dog is intelligent and she knew straight away that Elaine was there for her. She lay on her side and let Elaine hold her hands above her body (she did not need to actually touch). We thought it was digestive but Elaine said that she was not feeling anything in that area or when we turned her on to her left side. When Elaine's hands were hovering over her right shoulder she lay down and closed her eyes and everytime Elaine moved away from that area my dog sat up as if to say 'it's not there'. 
After a while Elaine said that she couldn’t feel any tingling anymore and to see how she goes. I felt her fur in that area and it was really warm although Elaine had not actually touched her. The next morning she was eating a little and two days later eating normally. She has not looked back. Vets, good as they are, could not have ever found the source of the problem which appeared to be her shoulder. I could not thank Elaine enough. I have an open mind about these things but was truly amazed at the difference in my dog. Thank you Elaine. You are amazing! “
Sue; Allestree, Derby

“Having overdone it when gardening I found myself in excruciating pain – it was the sciatic nerve on my left-hand leg. I could barely move and after much suffering and prescribed only pain killers, I decided to try reflexology and healing. After two sessions I felt much better and would not hesitate having this holistic treatment in the future.”
Valerie; Littleover, Derby

“Having got to the age of 21 and not being able to physically and mentally eat vegetables had a huge impact on my health and made it very difficult when dating a vegetarian. So after deciding to tackle this problem of vegetables/salads I contacted Elaine and after just 1 session I now eat a lot of greens, with a Caesar salad being my a particular favourite and my plate looks a lot more appetising with a huge addition of colour. Thanks Elaine”Description: :)
Antonio; Student From Derby, Living In Kent

“I have had several healing sessions with Elaine, as well as Past Life Regression. All of my experiences were extremely positive and although I was initially nervous, Elaine put me at ease with her caring and friendly manner. I was treated for a wrist injury but Elaine picked up on a few additional problems even though I had not informed her about them. I totally relaxed whilst having the treatments and I feel it speeded up my recovery. The Past Life Regression was fascinating and explained many things!”
Fiona; Chellaston, Derby

“I periodically visit Elaine for reflexology and healing, when I have the time, as I have suffered knee and back pain for many years and the treatments really help with this.
Her therapy room in Allestree is so relaxing to start with and Elaine is always very friendly and I always leave feeling like ‘I am floating on air’ and very relaxed. I definitely recommend Elaine.”
Nigel; Allestree, Derby

“I have recently had reflexology and healing sessions with Elaine as a birthday gift from my daughter. I can honestly say I have found them very enjoyable, extremely relaxing and very beneficial.
I would definitely recommend Elaine. Thank you.”
Janet; Allestree, Derby

“I met Elaine when she accompanied her sister to view a Standard poodle I was selling. Through chatting i said i had just taken in a puppy myself but was having problems with him, he had a persistent cough, runny nose and had been on antibiotics all the time I had him the last stretch being 8 weeks, he had a chest X ray which showed one lung full of infection and were contemplating taking him to the hospital at St. Helens but the fees could be between £800 and £2000

Elaine offered to try healing , I was amazed as my highly strung coughing pup sat quietly between her hands. Elaine also did some healing on my 15yr old cat who I thought was at the 'end of the road' as her breathing was becoming laboured and was lethargic not eating much.

Happy to say Elaine’s sister loved the poodle and they left with her, shortly after they left my old cat gave a cough and brought up the biggest hairball. I've taken her to the Vet and she was given a clean bill of health for her age. As for the puppy he hasn't had a single antibiotic since and even though he has a good cough every day he hasn't had any infection or mucus or runny nose. He went for a booster and a check-up and the vet said the cough might be habit now and he seems fine and has grown into a nice dog.”
Maureen Williams; Derby

“I was introduced to Elaine by a friend; he paid for me to go for a treatment for my 60th birthday. I suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia – a very painful condition. At the time I was having a horrendous attack, which had lasted for 5 months, this was everyday, in excruciating pain. The healing Elaine gave me made me feel very relaxed and peaceful somehow, something I had not experienced in a long time. I carried on with one treatment every week and also now I have Reflexology as well, which also has been a big help. I can honestly say it is helping me! I should have gone into hospital for intrusive brain surgery but with a list of things that can go wrong – including a stroke I put my faith in Elaine. Now after 8 weeks  of treatment with Elaine, I can see a big improvement and I have just had my first ‘pain free’ week in 7 I know it works – slow – but definitely sure!  Thank you so much Elaine”
Marg; Staffordshire

“Just a few words to say a great ‘BIG THANK YOU’ for all your wonderful healing, it has made me feel so much better and lifted my spirits.... Thank you for all you say and do – my heartfelt appreciation.”
Carol; Heanor, Derbyshire

“I can honestly say wow...your reflexology is the best I have ever had! I am a carer for my husband and the sessions with you are ‘me time’ and I look forward to them so much and I am never disappointed! I also want to thank you for your caring attitude and also going the extra mile with the pickup and collection service that you do. Although I do not live far away as the crow flies, it would take me two buses to get to you, so my heartfelt appreciation Elaine, thank you so much.”
Heather; Allestree, Derby

“Just want to say thank you for the ‘chats’ and reflexology/healing sessions – they have helped me enormously.”
Pam; Derby