Past Life Regression for Nottingham and Derby

Past lives: Fact or Fantasy?

Past life regression therapy raises the important question of whether our spiritual evolution on earth is attained through successive incarnations. Many oriental cultures accept pre-existence and re-incarnation in one form or another. Recently these beliefs are becoming increasingly popular in the west. An alternative view that does not embrace the idea of reincarnation is that in a past life recall, a person unconscious may be dipping into a universal memory bank, and psychically may be drawing upon a story from the past which mirror’s the person’s own problems. A third possibility is that the unconscious mind may be making up a story, just like in a dream.  Some people doubt the reality of their experience, suspecting their story may be a product of their imagination. Others find themselves deeply immersed in the story, and the experience they report of felt to be authentic and real. What I have found personally with my clients is that quite often they become emotional returning to the life or lives and they themselves that even though they ‘query’ what they have seen, felt etc – the emotion was real!

There is no conclusive evidence either in favour or against reincarnation.  The jury is still out. This however should not detract from the value or past life regression therapy. The existence of reincarnation is not necessary prerequisite for past life work to be successful. Also a psychic experience or an imagined story created by the unconscious can offer valuable insights to the person being regressed. Although a small proportion of people have some difficulty being regressed, those who succeed discover, to their amazement, how their present life appears to be influenced by events that may have happened before they were born.

My own experience

Although I myself, prior to becoming a Hypnotherapist was ‘scared and worried’ about having past life regression – I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’ it is not scary at all – you are aware of everything – it is almost like you are viewing a film.  It may be that you do not see the scene but you will ‘sense’ it or ‘feel’ it. I as the Hypnotherapist will guide you throughout and we can just ‘hover’ above the scene if that is better for you – we help each other.

A Healing Journey

Hypnosis is a useful tool for exploring past lives, since it involves the experience of an altered psychological state, which makes the person more receptive and responsive to inner experiences. Quite often in Hypnosis experiencing the original fear can often bring relief from a present life phobia. Also many physical complaints, fears, compulsions, preferences, dislikes and personality traits in the present life have been shown to originate in former lives. Other emotions, such as fear, grief, sadness, and guilt need to be similarly experienced during regression, in order for the person to be able to release them and become free of the past.

If you are interested Elaine is more than willing to have a chat about any concerns or worries you may have.