Hypnotherapist Derby

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Confidence Building

Elaine is a Clinical Hypnotherapist she is also a Holistic Therapist, Teacher and Life Coach. Her expertise being in the areas of Stress, which is one of the main causes of people's problems in today's society. Also people who are in pain and suffering, who cannot find answers with conventional medicine.

She is also a relationship counsellor, Crystal Healer, Reflexologist, Colour Therapist, Reiki and Spiritual Healer. More often than not she will use a combination of therapies to help the client move forward, working on the mind, body and spirit of the person and getting to the root of the problem - Healing the 'Natural way.'

Elaine has over 25 years experience in helping people, whatever their problems. Often people will comment that they are 'drawn' to Elaine. When you see Elaine you will instantly feel at ease and safe in the hands of a very experienced female. Elaine is one of those people that when you meet her you will instantly know that she will be able to help you, whatever your problem might be - and 9 out of 10 this is usually the case. Everyone who visits Elaine will feel better, that's a guarantee!

You have nothing to lose only your future life to gain…. With any 'Holistic treatment' you have, there is one guarantee, you will not be issued with tablets which have dreadful side effects, neither will you be ridiculed or ignored. You will be 'listened to' also given help, which will not harm you in anyway, only help to improve your life.

Take your life forward - remember tomorrow is the first day of your 'new life'.